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Find out more about why you should join Seattle Children’s Opinion Sandbox!


Opinion Sandbox is a panel of parent experts who share feedback by participating in 1 to 2 short online surveys each month for Seattle Children’s.

If you are a parent of children ages 0 to 21 and live in Washington state, please consider joining our panel! We take your feedback very seriously, and use it to learn what you think and how we can improve.

Why Join?

By volunteering a few minutes of your time about once a month, you can help Seattle Children’s learn what is important to you and assist us in becoming an even better hospital! It is a nice way to give back to Seattle Children’s without monetary or excessive time commitments. More Info...


How will my privacy be protected?
Your email address will not be used for any other purpose than to invite you to participate in the online panel. To protect your privacy, we will not be collecting your last name, address or phone number. The information you provide will be analyzed only as a group and not be shared without your consent. The panel will not be a vehicle for transfer of any clinical information or questions from current or former patients to our clinical staff.